Shower Water Flosser

One thing that a lot of people look for in a water flosser is how simple and fast it is. What is more simple and fast than using your flosser while you shower?

There are a lot of cordless water flossers that are waterproof. This allows you to use your device while you shower.

There are a couple of benefits to using your water flosser in the shower. It is easy and fast!

Besides waterproof water flossers, there is a shower water flosser called ShowerFloss.

Showerfloss: The New Shower Water Flosser

Showerfloss is the ultimate water flosser. It works exactly like a normal water flosser. And it is used by thousands of dentists.

Apparently, it reaches pockets of your gums and in between your teeth that string floss can’t. Also, it massages your gums and improves your oral health just as well as any normal water flosser.

Showerfloss is a water flosser that you put right onto your shower head. It is a long hose with a handle at the end.

It is very easy to use because you don’t ever need to refill the water tank or charge it.

shower water flosser

Benefits of the Showerfloss

  • Fits all standard showers
  • Installs in minutes
  • Not electric
  • No messy sink
  • Never runs out of water
  • No set up
  • No clean up
  • Always ready to use
  • Temperature range
  • Pressure range

The Showerfloss does not come with more tips or pressure settings.
You control the pressure and the temperature of the water by controlling your shower.

Also, you can not add mouthwash or other medicine into the water. You can do that with normal water flossers.

A Showerfloss is $29.95. There is no warranty with a Showerfloss.

If the you would rather a normal shower water flosser, click here to read more!

These shower water flossers are all cordless. They have water tanks that you can mix water with mouthwash and other medicine.

You control the pressure of the water through your showerhead. You also control how hot or cold your water is.

There is a lot more you can do with a normal cordless water flosser than you can with the Showerfloss.

No matter what type of water flosser you choose, they are all extremely convenient. If you are someone who prefers to brush your teeth while in the shower, a shower water flosser is for you.