Iteknic 600ml Countertop Water Flosser Overall Review

The Iteknic 600ml Countertop Water Flosser is a clean and easy way to clean the plaque from treated areas of your mouth. It reaches where your toothbrush can’t.

This machine removes up to 99.9% of food and plaque that is between your teeth.

Iteknic 600ml Countertop Water Flosser Package

  • 1 iTeknic Water Flosser
  • 3 Ordinary Tips
  • Tongue Cleaner Tip
  • Orthodontic Tip
  • Periodontal Tip
  • Plaque Tip
  • User Manual

The Iteknic 600ml Countertop water flosser comes with seven tips. These tips make it easy for the user to share this water flosser with friends or family.

These tips make it easy for the user to find the best for them. There are three general tips that anyone could use. There are two tips that are good for any braces, implants, or crowns.

Water Tank

If you are this product, it is important to note that it allows for up to three minutes of straight flossing.

Iteknic 600ml Countertop water flosser

This water tank comes with a cover to keep dust out of the water. The lid for the tank is also a case to store the tips.

Pressure Settings

As it appears, this devices comes with ten pressure settings. The pressure of the water stream is strong but gentle for the user.

Due to the high pressure settings, the Iteknic Countertop Water Flosser may have loud vibration noises.


On the body of the device, users would find a pressure control. Turn the knob to any of the pressure levels to change the power of the water stream.

On the handle of the machine is a power switch and a pause button the machine. The handle of this device has rotation and a long hose.

This hose allows the user to easily move the handle while cleaning their teeth.


The Iteknic 600ml Countertop Water Flosser has a feature to keep from puddles under the flosser. This device is waterproof. It also has features that keep it stuck to the surface it sits on.

The anti-leak feature is only present when the water tank is in the machine and the machine is on. When the tank is not in the product, there is a chance of a leak.

These features make this machine is great for any bathroom. The Iteknic Countertop Water Flosser is also FDA approved.


The whole package comes with a 24-hour friendly after-sale service. In addition, it also comes with a year long warranty. If you apply to be an Iteknic member, you will receive an extra year on your warranty.


 The Iteknic 600ml Countertop Water Flosser ranks well when it comes to price. There are no extra expenses for protection plans. This machine comes with a free warranty, and is only $34.98.