Hangsun hoc460 cordless water flosser

Hangsun HOC460 Cordless Water Flosser Overall Review

This Hangsun HOC460 Cordless Water Flosser is the first step to healthy teeth and gums! This device gives you the dental care that you need every day! It is able to reach places that a toothbrush can’t!

Hangsun HOC460 Cordless Water Flosser Overview

  • 2 classic Jet tips
  • Non-contact charging stand
  • 150ml water tank
  • Easy-grip design

The Hangsun HOC460 Cordless Water Flosser is very easy to use. It has an easy-grip design in order to be comfortable to hold.

Water Tank

The water tank is removable, making it easy to refill and clean. This size tank allows for about 40 seconds of uninterrupted use. After 40 seconds, you will have to refill the tank.

Pressure Settings

The Hangsun HOC460 comes with three pressure settings; soft mode, normal mode, and pulse mode.

Soft mode is perfect for sensitive teeth and gums. This mode is an amazing mode for someone who has never used a water flosser before. Once you are comfortable with soft mode, it is safe to move up to a stronger mode.

Normal mode is great for a general clean. This mode is good to use for implants, crowns, and braces. This mode is also great for removing plaque.

The last setting is pulse mode. This setting is amazing for getting food debris out from in between your teeth. This is the strongest mode from all of them. It may be the hardest to get used to.

This device has a very strong stream of water. Even on soft, the pressure is quite strong. If you are concerned with a water stream being too light, that is not an issue with this product.


The Power button is found on the front of the device. Underneath the power button is where you will find the Mode button. This button is used to control the pressure settings.

Underneath the mode button are three LED lights. These lights tell you what pressure setting your device is set at.

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The Hangsun HOC460 Cordless Water Flosser is very easy to clean. It is 100% waterproof making it possible to wash in the sink. This also means that you can use this water flosser in the shower or the bath!

Hangun Hoc460 Cordless Water Flosser


The Hangsun HOC460 is completely rechargeable. It comes with a non-contact charger, that is also portable. A fully charged battery can last up to two weeks with everyday use.

The countertop, non-contact charger includes a nozzle stand. Not only are you able to wirelessly charge your water flosser, you are also able to store your nozzles on either side.

Convenient and Safe

The Hangsun HOC460 Cordless Water Flosser is so convenient. It has an extra-quiet design, making it easy to use without disturbing others.

This device is lightweight and easy to travel with. It features an LED mode display. This device also comes with a charger adapter that is compatible anywhere in the world.


The Hangsun HOC460 Cordless Water Flosser comes in two different colors; white or blue. The white package comes at a price of $23.98. The blue package is a couple of dollars cheaper, coming in at $21.99.

This product does not come with any time of warranty. There is no free warranty or a protection plan that you are able to purchase in addition to the product.