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How to Choose the Right Water Flosser For you

There are a few different categories of water flossers. Some are portable and some are countertop. When it comes to choosing a water flosser, the first thing to think about is what style you prefer. This will lead you to the best Water Flosser option for you!

Cordless Water Flossers

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  1. Portable. Cordless water flossers are portable. If you are someone who likes to travel, a cordless water flosser is for you. You can take your water flosser with you wherever you go.
  2. Rechargeable. They are rechargeable and typically come with a USB cable, an adapter, and a carrying case.
  3. Fully Waterproof. Most cordless water flossers are waterproof. Being that they are cordless, this allows you to floss in the shower or in the bath. This feature also makes them super easy to clean
  4. Easy. A cordless water flosser is only a handheld device. There is no body to the device. This makes it easy to control. The power button as well as the pressure controls are all in one spot. They are right on the front of the device.


  1. Remember to Charge. With a portable water flosser comes the responsibility of remembering to charge it. It does not stay plugged in, so the battery will die.
  2. Smaller Water Tank. A portable water flosser is much smaller than a countertop flosser. This means the water tank does not hold as much. This causes the time that the machine runs is much shorter. Most cordless water flossers have a capacity of 45-60 seconds before you have to refill the water tank.
  3. Not Many Add-ons. Cordless water flossers typically do come with interchangeable tips. Unfortunately, they don’t come with as many as countertop water flossers do.
  4. Less Variety. A cordless water flosser usually only has three pressure settings. This is because it is such a compact device.

Countertop Water Flosser

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  1. Charge. Countertop Water Flossers are a nice addition to any bathroom. These devices stay plugged in. You never have to worry about them losing charge.
  2. Larger Water Tank. Countertop water flossers come with a larger water tank than cordless water flossers do. Some of these machines have the potential to run for three minutes straight with just one full tank.
  3. Always in the Same Spot. A countertop water flosser is extremely difficult to lose. The handle is attached to the body of the machine by a flexible hose.


  1. Not Portable. When using a countertop water flosser, you need to do it in one place. You can’t carry around your water flosser, nor can you take it on vacation with you.
  2. Loud. Being large and sitting in one spot, a countertop water flosser can produce some loud vibration noises. These noises come from the machine vibrating on the surface of a countertop.

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Water Flosser

Portable or Not?

The first decision to be made before choosing a water flosser option is: cordless or not? Keep in mind the amount of traveling you do.

If you are someone who likes to keep your toothbrush in the shower, a cordless water flosser may be the better option for you. The majority of portable water flossers come 100% waterproof.

If this sounds like you, a waterproof version is the more practical water flosser option for you!

If you don’t do a lot of traveling or moving around, a countertop version is the water flosser option for you. They stay in one place. You will never lose your countertop water flosser if you never take it anywhere!

Pressure Settings

If you have sensitive teeth, you will not need something that has a powerful range of pressure settings. A cordless water flosser option typically does not have many pressure options.

They also are unable to produce a very powerful water stream due to their small and compact size. In that case, a cordless water flosser would be a great option for someone with sensitive teeth.

If you don’t have sensitive teeth and you want something that is more powerful, a countertop one is the water flosser option for you. Many countertop water flossers have around 10 pressure settings, which is a very good range.

When looking to choose a countertop water flosser, research the pressure measurement range. The wider range, the better water flosser option!

Wide Range of Tips

No matter what style of water flosser you are looking at, all of them offer multiple tips. A wide range of interchangeable tips is great for someone who has oral implants or braces. There are a lot of different styles to help with those additions.

If you have a large family and you desire to share, multiple tips may be something to look for. Something that comes with multiple tips may be the water flosser option for you.

Many times, a collection of tips come with colored rings on the bottom. This allows you to differentiate whose tip is whose.

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Some water flosser options automatically turn off after a certain amount of time. This helps ensure that you flossed for the correct amount of time.

If you don’t have a timer or a clock that would be in reach of your water flosser, this is a good feature for you. There are also models that have an LED clock on it.


A common concern when making a new purchase is the color choice. Most countertop water flossers don’t have many color options. Most come in either black or white.

Portable water flossers come with more options. Most being black, white, silver, or blue. Sometimes color choices may affect the price.


The prices of water flossers don’t range too widely. They are not extremely expensive machines. It depends on the water flosser option you choose.

Multiple pressure settings and tip choices may raise the price of the water flosser. Larger water tanks and different colors may also raise the price on a water flosser.

Which is the Water Flosser Option for you?

There are many factors to keep in mind when you are choosing a water flosser to purchase. Although they are not overly expensive, they are more of an investment for oral health compared to a box of floss or a new toothbrush.

Take your time to choose the right water flosser option that suits you!