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Best Waterpik for Braces

Cleaning around implants and braces is always a challenge, especially when using a toothbrush and string floss. The best tool for this job is a water flosser.

Waterpik water flossers are trusted by Dentists. They are three times as effective as string flossing.

Why is it important to find the Best Waterpik for Braces?

Food particles tend to get caught in brackets and wires. Plaque around brackets can cause white spots on your teeth.

It is important to remove the bacteria from in and around the brackets and wires of braces in order to further prevent gum disease.

With the pressure and pulsation, the Waterpik is able to remove stubborn food particles from brackets and wires. It also massages gums. These actions improve gum health and help reduce plaque.

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Benefits of a Waterpik

Waterpik water flossers offer many benefits to oral health. You can easily find the best Waterpik for braces. If you have braces or you don’t have braces, a Waterpik is extremely beneficial. Some of the benefits include:

  • Easy and fast
  • Removes trapped food
  • More effective
  • Removes plaque

All of these benefits of a Waterpik are great for people who have braces. When using only a toothbrush or string floss, it is not easy or fast to clean around your braces. These tools don’t remove all of the trapped food particles.

A Water flosser is so much more effective to clean braces and implants. A Waterpik removes plaque easily and fast.

Recommended Best Waterpik for Braces

Something to look for when picking the Best Waterpik for Braces, is an orthodontic tip. An orthodontic tip has a small brush that removes plaque around brackets and wires that is hard to reach.

Some of the best options to look through when trying to pick the Best Waterpik for Braces are:

  • Waterpik Aquarius WP-660
    • Includes seven different tips, 10 pressure settings, and two different modes so you can switch between flossing and massaging your gums.
  • Complete Care WP-861
    • A great water flosser that comes with five different tips as well as an electric toothbrush. This water flosser combines water flossing with brushing your teeth.
  • Ultra WP-100
    • This Waterpik comes with six tips and 10 pressure settings. This machine has of the tip. This makes it easy to clean your whole mouth.
  • Cordless Advanced WP-560
    • This option is cordless and portable. This Waterpik includes four different tips as well as rotation of the tip.
  • For Kids WP-260
    • This Waterpik is great for kids. It is very safe to use and has an electric design that is safer than others. It also comes with two different tips.
best waterpik for braces


A Waterpik water flosser is great for anyone to use. They are tested and trusted by the ADA and clinically proven to remove up to 99.9% of plaque.

I hope this list helps you to research and find the best Waterpik for braces!