ABOX Countertop Water Flosser Overall Review

This ABOX Countertop Water flosser is the newest of it’s brand. This water flosser is new because their are added pressure settings.

It has a compact design that is easy to use. It offers more variety to help many users.

This product has many updates to stop from slips and leaks. It is waterproof to protect from any splashes.

ABOX Countertop Water Flosser Package

  • 600ml tank
  • 10 pressure levels
  • 51 inch hose
ABOX countertop water flosser

Water Tank

The ABOX Countertop has a water capacity of 600ml. A user can floss for 3 minutes with a full tank. The lid to the water tank is also a storage case. The case fits the 8 tips that come with this device.

In addition to the tip storage case, the lid to the tank has a double seal. This helps keep from leaking.

You can add warm water to the tank, or your favorite mouthwash. Keep a ratio of 1 part water and 1 part mouthwash.

Water Pressures

This device comes with 10 pressure settings. It lets a user go from a soft water stream to a hard water stream. There is a large range of power from the water stream, and you can pick what you like the best.

Retractable Hose 

The ABOX Countertop kit comes with a 51inch hose. This makes it easy to move the handle. It can help the user reach the far parts of their mouth.


By and large, this countertop water flosser comes with 8 tips for the needs of different users. The tips work for users with braces, implants, or crowns. Some of the tips are smaller than others in order to reach into the back of your mouth.

The tips allow for this product to be shared amongst a couple or an entire family.

ABOX countertop water flosser


The ABOX Countertop generally has a sleek look with a closed water tank. It has four anti-slip suction cups on the bottom of the machine. This is meant to prevent slips.

Along with this feature also comes an IPX4 Waterproof feature. This makes this water flosser perfect for any bathroom.


 The ABOX Countertop water flosser removes 99.9% of plaque from treated areas. This machine proves to remove stubborn food from between your teeth.

The water stream gently massages around your gums. With any cleaning device, taking your time with the process will prove to be effective.


This ABOX Countertop flosser package is affordable for the technology that it provides. It does not come with a warranty, but it does have a lot of new additions that it’s old version did not.