Waterpik Aquarius

Waterpik Aquarius

Waterpik is the best brand of water flossers. It is the first brand that the ADA accepted. And the Waterpik Aquarius was the water flosser that was accepted by the ADA. This made Waterpik the well-known brand that it is today. The Waterpik Aquarius is a pretty ideal countertop water flosser.

With a compact and sleek look, this water flosser is so simple to use. When it comes to water flossers, you want something with a lot of variety.

You want something which is not hard to use. And this cleans your teeth very well. Plus, it is exactly what the Waterpik Aquarius does.

Waterpik Aquarius


The Waterpik Aquarius is a countertop water flosser that holds enough water to run for 90 seconds. It comes with seven tips and 10 pressure settings.

The user can share their water flosser. It also allows the user to play a wide range of pressure settings, which can help them find what they like the best.

It is easy to control. The power button is located right on the handle. This lets the user to start and stop the water stream as they please.

There is a one minute timer with a 30 second pacer, to ensure that you are flossing your teeth for the right amount of time. There is a three year warranty that comes with this device.

You could never make a mistake choosing a Waterpik. If you go with the Aquarius, the best flosser on Amazon.

Waterpik Aquarius Reviews

One thing to look at before you make a purchase are real reviews from real people. Here are some things that buyers of the Waterpik Aquarius have to say.

One user was happy with the purchase they made, saying “Once I’m done flossing with a “Waterpik” it feels like my teeth were just cleaned at the dentist.”

A couple more users all attest that the Aquarius performs quite ideally according to their needs. The description of this device comes from real people who love using the Waterpik Aquarius.

Another user claims that she was happy that she has the Waterpik Aquarius to her. She says, “it really saves my tooth and gum health.”

Thousands of dentists love the Aquarius for a good reason. It really works! Read more about the Waterpik Aquarius here!


The Waterpik Aquarius costs $58.47 on Amazon. This product is not like other water flossers you can find on Amazon.

The Waterpik Aquarius is the best of its kind. It is a great buy if you want improve your oral health!