Water Flosser Reviews

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Water Flosser Reviews

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[/su_box][/su_column][su_column size=”1/2″]Proper dental hygiene is a daily must for all people. Keeping a smile healthy and radiant takes more than just a casual brushing. Utilizing the cleaning benefits of cordless water flossers , portable water flossers will make this daily task a breeze. Check out these water flosser reviews to compare these water flossers and discover the brand and style that is right for your dental needs.[/su_column]

 Water Flosser Comparison

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Water Flosser Reviews


1. Waterpik Water Flosser

Waterpik is a leading name in the area of tooth care and oral products. They offer a wide variety of water flossing products such as the WP-40 model of water flosser cordless professional flosser. This oral cleaning system is a battery powered cleaner with an alternate 120VAC/60Hz outlet option built in to the unit.

This unit delivers a powerful pulsating stream of pressurized water to clean deep in the spaces of the teeth and gumline. This type of deep and thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums is recommended for the prevention and possible reversal of such oral diseases as gingivitis and a host of other oral deteriorating conditions. This system is capable of removing 99% of the surface plaque from tooth surfaces. This very effective flossing tool will yield noticeable results within two weeks with gums that are 50% healthier when comparing results with that of traditional string flossing.

This flosser has a sturdy round construction with a modern appearance. There is a large on and off button as well as a speed indicator switch. With a simple motion the user can take the pulsations of this cleaning tool to a higher level of cleaning. The tip of this cleaning water tool is angled slightly to allow the unit to reach areas that are normally missed by traditional string flossing.

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2. Panasonic Water Flosser

Panasonic offers a number of different water spray cleaning tools for dental hygiene and health purposes. One of the most sought after water cleaning products is the Panasonic Water Flosser EW-DJ10-A. This cordless model of water flosser utilizes the power of water, pulsation, and speed to give the user the most thorough of cleaning experiences.

The stream emitted from this flosser is gentle on sensitive gums yet thorough enough to remove unwanted debris from in between the teeth with a powerful 1600 pulses per minute. Two speed selections on this flosser allows the user to further adapt the water flosser brush to their individual situation and oral needs. This totally portable cleaner is invaluable for its many benefits including the ability of the user to adjust the speed of the cleaning jet.

This stylish and sleek looking cleaner is both washable and waterproof. The circular base of this unit makes for easy gripping during use. The spraying head is conveniently angled at the end for maximum access to hidden back teeth and hard to reach areas.

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3. Profloss Water Flosser

Pro Floss Water FlosserThis highly adaptable water flosser portable has threading on the inside and the outside of the faucet attachment to assure that the water flosser portable. Having a male 55/64″ male thread and a 15/16″ female threading system on the attachment, this unit eliminates the need to continuously re-fill a water reservoir. This model can be easily transported to anywhere regardless of power sources.

This water cleaner takes advantage of the running water from the tap to also power the water jet. This model has four different settings for the intensity of the water jet. This assures that even with the water pressure at its highest point, a low stream can be achieved by selecting the appropriate setting. There is no need for batteries or electricity. This eliminates the unsightly charging base that is normally associated with cordless dental hygiene tools.

This unit is the perfect system for children to use according to many water flosser reviews. It is a lightweight 4.8 oz with a length of 8 inches. The 2.5 inch base is large enough for children to be able to handle and easily control. The classic white finish is highlighted with an attractive blue accent on the power button and angled tip of the sprayer head.

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4. Conair Water Flosser

Well known for many hair involved products, Conair also has a large host of beauty and health products including listings on water flosser reviews that can be investigated. One of the most popular and widely requested models of Conair flossers available is the Interplak Dental Water Jet. For those interested in simplicity and results, this model is fitting.

Keeping this model simple and effective is the key to its success and satisfaction rating. The control for the variable speed is located conveniently on the handle of the water flosser brush. With a choice between a high or low pulse, the user can customize their cleaning needs depending on the circumstances at hand. This model also has a pause button on the hand unit and an on/off controller switch on the water reservoir unit.

The water reservoir unit is clearly marked and see through to assure that the level of water is clearly visible to users. The compact 4.3 x 8.3 x 5.5 inch design takes up little counter space. The unit is designed to cleverly house the water line in a clean and organized fashion when not in use. The hand unit is a slight 8 ounces with an angled tip for reaching even the hardest and often neglected areas of the teeth and gums.

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When it comes to achieving the cleanest and healthiest teeth and gums, using a water powered flossing unit is an excellent tool to have. Utilizing one of these powerful water jetting units to remove unwanted debris and food from the surface and in-between teeth is a great way to initiate added dental protection against disease and decay. There are many different models of water flossers available to choose from to help keep your mouth and teeth clean and healthy. Compare the reviews to find the water jet flosser that is the right fit for your mouth.


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