ViaJet Pro Irrigator Review


Having problems with your teeth’s bad smell? Worry no more, as I am going to reveal today the benefits of using Viajet Pro Irrigator. Haven’t you heard of this amazing water flosser before? Well, anyway, here it is now at your service.

The Viajet Pro Irrigator is one of the sought after products for dental hygiene. Yes, for many years now, this ultimate product has been in the households of a lot of Americans. If this announcement seems unfamiliar to you, then you should have owned one of this amazing work of art for cleaning teeth and gums.

Maximized Cleaning Performance

The Viajet Pro Irrigator is a highly recommended water flosser by hygienists and dentists because of its maximized performance. It is proven and tested through all the years for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. The ViaJet Pro cleans not only the teeth but also the tiny spaces between the teeth and below that toothbrushes and flosses just can’t reach.

The powerful pulsating water jet or flosser flushes away rotting food particles and harmful bacteria. It massages the gums and improves blood circulation to leave the mouth feeling fresh and clean. Oral irrigation should be part of your daily oral hygiene!

It Helps Control Sinus Problems

I couldn’t survive without this irrigation machine. If you’ve had sinus surgery or if your sinus doesn’t work properly, this machine is for you. Say goodbye to sinus infections and antibiotics forever. This machine will last you about 2 years and save you how much in medical bills during that time period?

I mix equal parts of baking soda and salt in a sealable plastic container and add a package of xylitol to the mixture and mix well. I use about 1 tsp. in the irrigator with 2 cups of distilled water. Warm the water for 1 minute in the microwave prior to irrigating. It soothes your sinuses and cleans out any dust, germs or anything else irritating them.

Other features of the Viajet Pro Oral Irrigator

  • Irrigation: Flush out Nooks & Crannies that Brushing can’t Reach
  • Braces: Dislodge food around those hard to clean areas.
  • Adjustable Pressure: Upto 1,200 Pulsating Jets of Water
  • Tips: 4 Tips (2 Standard & 2 Rubber Tip)
  • Optional: Deep Pocket Attachment (for below the gum irrigation)

Customer reviews and scores

If customers reviewed the product, it simply means they either like it or have some suggestions and comments. The same is true with this water flosser. There are good and negative comments but I read of mostly positives.

There are around 89 customers who reviewed this product and in time with writing this review, there were 4.3 out 5 stars in total reviews recorded. Not bad for this product.

One of the reviewers said “This thing works really well. I have a family history of dental problems. One of the first things my dentist told me was to get one of these and use it every day. The tips are soft, and they squirt out the water in a line and the water doesn’t just go everywhere. The reservoir is easy to fill and holds enough that when I finish my mouth is nice and clean.”

You see, people are reviewing the good performance of this product. It means many like it and they’ve been using this water flosser for long. However, there are also side comments regarding the performance of Viajet Pro Irrigator. Take this one review for example “This is the second Viajet I’ve purchased. The first one lasted about a year but began leaking after a few months. Although I flushed it after every use (if I added salt water) and used vinegar once a week, it still leaked and leaked badly. I bought another one in July 2013. This time I never used anything but water and still it leaked. Five months later and I have to throw it out. I cannot recommend this product.”


In summary, the Viajet Pro Irrigator has also its pros and cons. However, majority of the reviewers of this water flosser said it’s okay because the performance is great and previous Viajet water flosser models also lasted for years.

Well, I’ve also read a lot of the positive comments of this amazing water flosser and my final verdict is to recommend this product. While there are some issues, positive reviews still counts pretty well.