hydrofloss package


Water Flossers can improve dental health if used regularly on top of brushing your teeth.

The Hydrofloss is a high quality water flosser. It is the best home treatment device of its kind. It cleans in between your teeth and under your gum line.

A study with the Hydrofloss shows that it reduces the amount of tartar and plaque build-up between office visits. And this in comparison to normal flossers.

Benefits and Additions to the Hydrofloss:

  • The Hydrofloss uses magnets to affect the water and stop the bacteria from sticking to the surface of your teeth. (This keeps plaque from sticking to the surface of your teeth)
  • The Hydrofloss oral irrigator is more effective than oral irrigators that do not have magnetics.
  • Pulsating stream disrupts plaque. It flushes food and bacteria from on top of and between the teeth.
  • The pressure is the safest and most effective on gums.
  • The Hydrofloss has a stop button on the handle. This allows you to pause the water stream while you’re cleaning.
  • It has multiple pressure settings. This feature allows you to find the setting that works best for you.
  • The Hydrofloss holds 800ml of water. You can add lukewarm water as well as your favorite mouthwash or dental medications.
  • The package includes four colored tips. This allows you to share this device with family. Every tip is for everyday use.
  • You can purchase a second package of four extra tips.
  • Reduces inflammation and aids in healing after dental procedures.
  • Promotes healing of bleeding gums.


The Hydrofloss comes with a 30-day Money back guarantee and a one-year limited warranty. The warranty comes with options. You can purchase an extra two years on your warranty for $32.


The Hydrofloss package comes in at $98. If you purchase the extra two years under warranty, the price of this package is $129.95.

This flosser is more expensive than others you would find. It is a countertop water flosser that uses magnetics, unlike other water flossers you may find.


The Hydrofloss is unlike any other water flosser in how it is built. It is very effective and proven to improve your oral health.

If you use the Hyrdrofloss regularly, on top of brushing, you will see results. It is as easy to use than normal water flossers. It is just as fast as other water flossers.

The Hyrdofloss works!