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How Effective Water Flossers Are?

Water flossers are becoming more popular today. With the increasing number of people who are now paying attention to their oral and dental health, it is only logical why. Although flossing with string floss is already an effective method, many are wondering how effective water flossers are.

Many individuals see string flossers and water flossers the same. While it is actually true, in some aspects, flossing using either of the two is quite different. As it happens, string flossers have drawbacks that are not present in water flossers. 

How Effective Water Flossers Are

Flossing using string flossers is a very effective method to use when taking care of your oral and dental health. And knowing that water flossers can resolve what string flossers cannot is already a point in fact justifying how effective water flossers are.

Water Flossers Can Reach Farther Corners and Spaces

When you floss using the traditional flossers, it can help you eliminate build-ups in between the spaces of your teeth. However, string flossers can be quite limited.

Unfortunately, there are certain corners and spaces that string flossers cannot reach. So, this only means that flossing is quite limited to the traditional types. 

On the other hand, water flossers can reach these corners and spaces. As a result, nothing will be left behind during your flossing session.

String Flossers May Hurt

String flossing is very easy. And so is water flossing. But, since you have to use and exert force with your hands as you use string flossers, you may end up hurting your gums and teeth when you do it wrong. In fact, this may even cause some damages to your teeth and gums in the long run.

But, in the case of water flossers, this concern can be well eliminated in the process. Given that you no longer need to exert force manually on the flosser itself, the flossing process can be pretty gentle and soft, yet efficient and reliable. Hence, this is how effective water flossers are.

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Science Studies Supports Water Flossers

According to studies and research, dental experts love and recommend dental flossers all because of flossing. However, the case is quite different for the patients. As it appears, many individuals do not love flossers and flossing itself. 

One of the reasons includes the challenges of using string flossers. Aside from the manual exertion of force, improper execution may cause harm and damage to your dental and oral health. 

Correspondingly, this is why patients are much fonder of using water flossers. Alongside the established fact of how effective water flossers are, they are also very easy and convenient to use.

Studies today also find water flossers beneficial in many aspects of oral and dental health. In comparison to string and dental floss, water flossers are:

  • twice as good as dental floss in reducing gum bleeding
  • 51 percent more reliable for gingivitis reductions
  • 29 percent more effective in plaque removal

Final Thoughts

With all of these points at hand, it is already obvious how effective water flossers are. In the end, however, many dental and oral experts still recommend the inclusion of string flossing aside from water flossing. 

If you want to learn more about the effectiveness of water flossers, this quick video might help: