H20floss Countertop Dental Water Flosser Overall Review

This H20floss Countertop dental water flosser is easy to use. It is waterproof and works great in any bathroom.

H20floss Countertop Dental Water Flosser Tips

  • 4 Jet Tips
  • 2 Periodontal Tips
  • 1 Irrigation Tip
  • 2 Orthodontic Tips
  • 1 Mist Spray Tip
  • 2 Tongue Cleaning Tips
H20floss coutnertop dental water flosser

The 12 tips for the user to share their water flosser. It lets the user choose which tip the like the best.

The four jet tips are great for general use. You can use these tips to share your device with your family or friends. There are two periodontal tips that are great for cleaning around the brackets and wires of braces.

It also comes with two orthodontic tips that are great for implants or crowns. The two tongue cleaning tips are different from some of the competitors of H20floss.

The mist spray tip is great for a gentle rinse and massage for your gums.

Water Tank

 The H20floss Countertop dental Water Flosser holds up to 800ml. It can last at least 150 seconds per full tank of water. The water tank comes with a cover to prevent from dust falling into the water.

h20floss countertop dental water flosser

You can add lukewarm water. You can also add your favorite of mouthwash for a great clean.

There is nothing about the H20floss Water Flosser to prevent or stop leaking. Puddles sometimes form underneath the machine.

Tip Storage

 Across from the water tank is a covered storage tank for the tips. Inside the storage space is a plastic slot that you can remove. The slot can hold up to seven tips.

Without the slot, the tank can hold 20 tips.

Powerful Pulsating Water

The pressure setting ranges from Low-High. The water stream is powerful but gentle.

The water from the H20floss quickly cleans up plaque and bacteria from your teeth and gums. These are places where a toothbrush and string floss can’t reach.


The power button is found on the machine. The pressure bar is on the handle.

Also found on the handle is a an option to pause your device. It stops the stream of water.

There are two controls near the tip of the handle. One is rotation control and one is an eject button.

The rotation control that is on your H20floss Water Flosser is used to power the rotation of the tip. The eject button is used to remove the tip from the handle. This will let you change the tip quickly.


The H20floss Countertop Dental Water Flosser comes with a two-year warranty. You can receive a new machine if yours broke.

There is another option where you can purchase a 2-3 year protection program for $4.99.


The H20floss Countertop dental Water Flosser is affordable. It costs $30.99 for a full package that includes a free warranty.