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Waterpik is the most trusted water flosser brand on Amazon. It was the first brand to be accepted by the ADA. But what is the best Waterpik water flosser on the market?

Here, we listed the top three best Waterpik water flossers:

Waterpik Aquarius

The Aquarius Countertop water flosser is the best Waterpik water flosser you could buy. It is easy to use. This water flosser was the one that got the first acceptance by the ADA.

Waterpik’s Aquarius Countertop water flosser removes up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas. It is better at cleaning teeth and gums than string floss.

The Aquarius comes with seven tips. This feature allows the user to share this device with family members.

This water flosser comes with very easy controls. The power switch is located right on the handle. You can turn it on and off without taking any focus away from what you are doing.

The water tank located on the Aquarius allows for 90 seconds of straight use. All of these features together make this model Amazon’s best Waterpik! Read More Here!

best waterpik

Waterpik Cordless Advanced

This water flosser is a great cordless water flosser on the market. It removes just as much plaque as the countertop version, yet it is small and light.

Also, it includes three pressure settings and only two control buttons, making it easy to use. In addition, it also comes with four tips.

This water flosser is the second best Waterpik. It is made to be quiet when you use it. It is easy to travel with. This actually charges fast and stays charged for a long time.

This Waterpik’s charger works anywhere. All of these features make it Amazon’s second-best model from the brand that you could find. Click here to read more!

Best waterpik

Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser With Toothbrush

This Waterpik water flosser combines a water flosser with a high quality toothbrush.

This provides a fresh clean coming from a small machine. It doesn’t take up too much space and looks great in  your bathroom.

This water flosser is one of the best water flossers because it is packed with features yet smaller than most water flossers.

This water flosser comes with ten pressure settings and five different tips. This gives you a chance to share the water flosser.

The tips also allow you to reach deep below your gum line and in between your teeth to get the best clean.

The amount of water that it is able to hold allows up to 90 seconds of flossing. The toothbrush that comes with this package has three different cleaning modes.

All of these features together are what makes this the third best Waterpik you could find.

Best Waterpik


All of these Waterpiks are great options. Pick a Waterpik that sounds like the best Waterpik for you!