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Best Floss for Braces

Not everyone is able to afford a water flosser. You may not be able to purchase a water flosser at a certain moment, or yours broke. Whatever the case may be, flossing is still so important. It is especially important is you have dental work done, such as braces.

Here, we have listed the best floss for braces that you could find on Amazon. We also will talk about how to effectively floss with normal string floss and braces.

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The best floss for braces:

One of the best tools to use for flossing with braces is string as well as a threader. You can use regular, everyday string floss, but a threader will make it a little bit easier.

Simple threaders are inexpensive, such us brands like GUM and Plackers.

best floss for braces

Another great thing to look for over regular string floss are dental picks. Dental picks are small sticks that have a piece of floss up at the very top. At the bottom is a folded pick that is ready for when you need it.

The good thing about dental picks are the folded pick at the bottom. You can use that pick to remove stubborn food from the brackets of your braces. The downside of this tool is that you can not maneuver the string floss around the wire.

One amazing product related to the best floss for braces is Oral-B Superfloss. This product is a step up from regular string floss with a threader. It includes a stiff piece of plastic at one end of the string.

best floss for braces

That piece of plastic is not so much bigger than the string, but you can fit it in between the teeth.

How to Floss with Braces

People often wonder, how do I effectively floss?

Flossing with braces is a difficult thing to practice. You want to get the most thorough clean possible and it is hard to achieve with regular string floss.

Here we will give you some tips on how to effectively floss with even the best floss for braces!

  1. Floss in front of the bathroom mirror, so you are able to see how and where you are threading the floss.
  2. Thread the floss between a main wire of your braces and the front of your teeth.
  3. To make the floss easier to handle, wrap each end once or twice around your index fingers. This will make the floss tighter and steadier, allowing you to easily manipulate where you are threading it.
  4. When moving the floss between two teeth, make sure to go up the side of one tooth and down the side of the other tooth. This allows you to know you are thoroughly removing plaque from the sides of both teeth.
  5. When you want to move to a different couple of teeth, unthread the floss from the wire and repeat that process on a different section of the wire.
  6. When removing the string floss, try to gently unthread it from the wire. If you aggressively pop the string out from between your teeth, you may accidentally hit a wire and pop it out of a bracket.

Using regular string floss to floss with braces is not the easiest task. Try to pick what you think is the best floss for braces, and take your time with it. Flossing is important to your oral health, so don’t let a set of braces stop you!